As a complementary content website, Movement, and Mystery School, Creative Emancipation (founded by China Brooks) brings awareness to the topics of energy, money, and sex.

Your thought, word, and deed habits in these three areas greatly impact each other. The information on this website is aimed to illuminate you on how to utilize your own creative and sexual energy potential in a sovereign way.

We believe in radical pro-humanity agendas that are for the good of the whole, rather than for the benefit of a select few. We stand for fair and just distribution of knowledge so that individuals who choose to do so can live independently of inherited dogma. 

As you pioneer a trailblazing pathway, you deserve a thriving authentic life, free from the status quo constraints of media, society, parents, and peers, etc. We are here to support you on the Leading Edge.

When you are utilizing your major resources – sexual energy, energy, money, and prosperity – aligned with your highest good, this has a positive ripple out effect that beneficially impacts the collective.

Site content...

Energetic Hygiene (Energy):

Most people care for their physical hygiene - they shower, wash their hair, and brush their teeth. Making sure you cleanse your energy as well is super important. These articles are designed to support the improvement of your Energetic Hygiene.

Prosperity Consciousness (Money):

Prosperity Consciousness is so much more than money. It is the way you think, act, and speak about the abundance in all areas of your life. It is a mindset. In each moment you are either focused on lack (scarcity) or plenty (prosperity). These articles are designed to support you with training your mind, heart, and lifestyle toward the latter.

Sacred Sexuality (Sex):

Sexual Energy and Creative Energy are the same. The powerful, potent force within you that you use to procreate, you can also utilize to design your life at will (materially and otherwise). These articles are designed to support you in cultivating, harnessing, and focusing this sacred gift to use in a Sovereign, pro-active - rather than reactive - way that is aligned with a purpose of contribution.