Know Thyself Series - The Power of Practice

Know Thyself Series - The Power of Practice

Know Thyself Series - The Power of Practice

The power of practice: exploration, investigation, learning, failure, and what I call the pendulum swing

Life is life.

Sometimes in life you find that maybe you are tilted to one side.

Maybe you have been so nice that you feel like a pushover. Or – maybe you have been mean. Maybe you have been greedy with money. And maybe you have been super generous – like overly so.

Perhaps you have been tilted to the dark side. Perhaps you have been tilted to the light.

There is usually something going on, right. You feel like you wish you were a little bit more of this – or less of that.

This is what we are talking about today. The power of practice – exploring, learning.

For example, maybe you have been really social in your life – extroverted. You would like to try being introverted and spending more time alone. Some people have trouble being alone. They have had a partner their entire lives. And they need to be okay in solitude. While others are the complete opposite. They need to get out and be with more people.

Maybe you are someone who is constantly taking care of others, yet you have been neglecting yourself. You can experiment with radical self nourishment.

I am giving you a permission slip right now to do what I call swinging the pendulum to the other side.

Look into experiments – I do them often. My favorite is a 30 day challenge – otherwise known as a 30 day trial. Sometimes my 30 days end up becoming 5 months. And sometimes I love the change so much that I permanently incorporate it into my life.

I have known people who are like, “I'm going to try vegetarianism or veganism or keto for 30 days.” They do it for few months and they love it, so they become that. Great!

Sometimes it can be difficult to give ourselves the permission to explore.


Because of society. Judgements from those around us. Especially too, while we are swinging the pendulum so far to the other way (and I will tell you why we do this in a moment) we will become judged sometimes by people when they don't understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Frankly we don't have to explain ourselves to anybody. It's not necessary.

Maybe they knew an old version of you and now you are exploring another side of you and they do not understand. And they may judge, “Oh so and so is like this...”

Well, yeah, I am like that right now because I am exploring BEING. THAT. WAY.

Why do you want to swing the pendulum so far to one side and experiment, play, learn, investigate and maybe even FAIL – dun dun dun?


The only way you are going to get good at something is by practice – by learning.

Repetition truly is the mother of skill. The way that you became good at anything you are skilled at is by practicing. And yes – failing many many times. Making lots of mistakes. But you failed fast and you failed hard. And you learned quickly, and you got good quickly, didn't you?

One of the ways you can attain a higher level of skill at a more rapid pace in any area of your life is by swinging the pendulum all the way to the other side.

Let me give you a couple of examples of times in my life when I have swung the pendulum really far to the other side.

Starting in late 2013 I invoked the divine feminine. I wanted to be soft and gentle. So I swung the pendulum all the way over to that side. I used plenty of my own resources – time, energy, and money – I took classes and read books. I used yoni eggs and worked on healing my womb. I nourished other women – supported them – invested in their businesses and lives. I gave a lot. I became super feminine.

While some people would say, “Well that's great, you're being feminine!”

Well, it definitely is – but it isn't something that I would want to be all the time.


I was so light and loving and super generous. One of my friends said this about me – he is someone who knew me very well for a long time, “If China saw that you didn't have a heart, she would rip hers out of her chest - give it to you - and then you'd say, "But you don't have a heart," and China would say, "That's okay," – and then die.” That was me. That's how fucking nice I was.

(China talks about unconditional love and how Love also Destroys)

Not only did I explore feminine to masculine and masculine to feminine, but I investigated light to dark and dark to light. In 2014 I invoked the dark goddess and mid (May) 2017, I invoked the dark god.

So, you swing from one side to the other, and in your own time, you find a balance between the two states. Or, perhaps you do prefer one state over the other. It's your life and it's your choice.

You are always going to be too much of something for someone. Too this or too that. Not enough of this not enough of that. "Can you be more this and less of that? Can you be less of this and more of that?"

Fuck it. Do you.

How does this help you know yourself? Practice makes perfect.

How can you know what you prefer if you have never experienced it? How do you know where you like to live if you haven't seen all the places? And, if you stay in the same place for your whole life?

People who do that sometimes have a small, limited view in life of what's possible. They know what they have been told by those around them and perhaps the 600 to 100,000 people in their town (turtles will grow as big as their environment allows them to). There are 7 billion people in the world and each one of them has a unique perspective on life.

You want to experience – travel, learn languages, study, take classes, practice things – do 30 day trials (if it resonates). 

If you are wondering what it would be like to live without gossip and complaining – do a 30 day challenge. Swing all the way to one side.

I have observed silence – every year I do so for 10 days to bring in the new year. It's on my bucket list to be completely silent for 1 year. I will do it. I am gearing up for it and starting to creating more passive income streams so I can ease into the transition of not talking. Silence is my absolute favorite state to be in. Telepathic communication is my favorite - when done with tact and etiquette by those who are invited.

You can gear up to implement the practice of a shift.

Exploration of this type is a safe way for you to decide whether or not you like a certain character trait, habit, feeling, environment, social life change – and if you do, keep it. If you don't, let it go.

Not only that, but experimenting, investigating, and “trying on” helps you have compassion for other people – what they are going through – what they have been through, where they have come from, and where they are headed. 

For example, maybe you have never been homeless before. And you do not know what that's like. Maybe somebody who doesn't know what that's like could judge homeless people. And say, “Why don't you just get your shit together?!” Do a 30 day trial where you are homeless.

There is a movie called Craigslist Joe. This guy wanted to see if he could survive on nothing but the generosity of Craigslist users. He was testing the kindness in the world. He found a cameraman on craigslist. He left with no money, the clothes on his back, and his backpack – no car. Mind you, this is a guy who has a good job, a car, money – all the comforts. And he gave all that up. I don't remember how long he did this. People were loving. He did sleep outside in the freezing cold one or two nights. I don't know how he did it. But every other night he had a place to sleep and food. The movie shows how he met a lot of different people.

I give you permission to experiment and explore life. Forget what other people think about what you are doing. Who cares?!

You are doing something different.

You are on the leading edge.

I have a friend who committed to doing yoga day and night for 1 year – signed a contract with another friend and everything. He's in month 5 or 6 and he is a completely different person. He's my best friend. And he was 6 foot 6 when he started and is now 6 foot 7. I cannot speak to that man in the same way I did 6 months ago. 

My other friend did a 40 day water fast. Since we are close, her fast (and watching her social media updates about it) changed ME. Because she cleared a lot of energy during that time – it moved a lot of energy in my life, too.

When you improve and you know yourself – it helps others as well. Even if, for a time, it all looks messy as you practice different things.

You never know when that one pendulum swing – that one experiment – that one exploration, ends up being the thing that unlocks so much for you in one or more areas of your life.

Life is for you to live, explore, and try new things.

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